Stan Lee's Superhumans TV Series Online

Stan Lee's Superhumans Series Online

When sitting down to watch Stan Lee's Superhumans, one should prepare for an unusual session. I remember that I was very inspired and motivated when I saw it for the first time in my life... The actors are also really convincing in their roles. In addition, we also have a good music. From all the tv shows I watched last time, Stan Lee's Superhumans surprised me the most. There are few works similarly affecting the viewer, leaving such an emotional resonance after the screening. Stan Lee's Superhumans is by far the best tv show I've seen in recent months, and I've seen quite a lot of them. Uplading Stan Lee's Superhumans here was good idea, I received a lot of 'thanks' replies.

Episode count: 14

Actors: Stan Lee, Daniel Browning Smith, Melchor Menor

Genre: Documentary

Country: United States